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CV Workout Exercise with Leg Injury – Achilles Tendonitis

Unfortunately I injured my leg recently (2 weeks & counting) during a running session. My calf muscle was very tight & I’d had low level pain in my achilles tendon just above my heel leading up to the injury. Foolishly I ran through the pain, right to point where I could no longer run, or even walk. A kind neighbour was able to give me a lift home which saved me a lot of pain and time. Thank You!

I rested the leg for a few days and resumed exercise again with walking and cycling, but this thing will not settle down, I need to give it a much better chance to heal.

So this post is my search for a CV workout which avoids putting any load on an injured leg.

The world is still in lockdown due to covid-19, so I cannot head to the local pool for a swim, my usual recovery method to keep my CV fitness during injury.

I aim to be able to achieve a 30 minute workout as a minimum without over stressing a particular muscle group. The focus will be on CV not strength.


  1. Waterless swimming – thinking of lying on a cushion or chair and swimming !
  2. Seated shadow boxing, maybe with light weights
  3. Lying bicycle kicks
  4. Seated leg raises – can I rig up some weights if required ?
  5. Lying / seated scissor kicks
  6. Situps
  7. Push-ups
  8. Squats – will this stress the achilles or will this be a good stretch for it ?
  9. Seated 1 arm rowing with weights

Once I have tried this as a workout, I’ll post some feedback on which one seems a good / bad idea.

Feel free to drop a comment in if you’ve any ideas for more exercises.

Ok so here are my thoughts on these exercises so far after 1 session. 1st July 2020.

  1. Waterless swimming. Feels odd, and will look odd to anyone watching! Managed to find a long footstool to lie on, so my torso was supported. Did 3 minutes, breaststroke seemed to work better than freestyle.
  2. Seated shadow boxing. No weights yet. Did for 3 minutes and got the heart rate up.
  3. Lying bicycle kicks. 3 minutes needed to support my hips to stop strain on the lower back. Was tricky one for minutes.
  4. Seated leg raises. I did these sat on a chair with a scissor kick action. 3 minutes was ok.
  5. Did not do these. Too similar to 3 & 4
  6. Situps. Did 1 minute 10 secs then stopped. Ouch. Need more core work ..
  7. Push ups. Did 20 repetitions
  8. Squats. Managed 2 minutes. Good burn on the quads. Focussed on keeping my feet planted so as not to stress my Achilles.
  9. I actually did this standing with a 4kg kettlebell. Did 90 secs on each arm. Good burn on this one.


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Blogging with the I Can Do That! approach, learning and struggling with the WordPress interface.

Hovering over the publish site button..

WordPress has been nagging me to publish this site for the last 6 days, so here goes.

There is a real feeling of commitment as I prepare to click on the WordPress publish site button.

The things I thought may look cool, and the ideas I have will suddenly be in the public domain for all and sundry to view.

It’s taken a good few hours to even get to this stage, in fact, many hours if we include the laying awake running through ideas and how I can improve the site logo!

Time slipped away as I struggled to relocate my site logo in WordPress, you cannot edit the position in the basic (free) version, but in the end I found a theme that positioned the logo where I wanted it.

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Let’s see where this takes us…