eBike Ride to Druids Temple – Masham

A fine day and excessive noise from road contractors and local building work set the tone for this ride.

Get away for the day somewhere quiet, somewhere where I can chill and not have to hurry back.

With food, coffee and water in the rack pack and a single pannier I made a start towards Masham.

From the Thirsk area I go to Masham via Kirklington and Snape then over the top towards High Burton. It’s quite a climb from near Thope Perrow, but the eBike really helps out here.

Once in Masham after locking the bike up at the cycle parking next to Border House Tea rooms, I secured an excellent hot pork pie from Beavers butchers, this was to supplement the healthy food I’d packed on the bike.

As it was lunchtime I polished off the pie, healthy stuff, and the coffee sat by the cricket ground near the river.

Not quite ready to return to the temporary mayhem at home, I needed another destination. A scan of the map reminds me there is the druids temple above Leighton Reservoir. Perfect.

It’s a pleasant ride from Masham to the Druids Temple, some moderate climbing towards the end gives you the reward of the views over Leighton Reservoir and the surrounding area.

The Druids Temple
View over Leighton Reservoir

I thought that maybe from here I could access the sighting tower that you can see when driving past Leighton Reservoir, this proved elusive however so will plan a trip to view this in the future.

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