Musings & Blah Blah

Getting Going

Blogging with the I Can Do That! approach, learning and struggling with the WordPress interface.

Hovering over the publish site button..

WordPress has been nagging me to publish this site for the last 6 days, so here goes.

There is a real feeling of commitment as I prepare to click on the WordPress publish site button.

The things I thought may look cool, and the ideas I have will suddenly be in the public domain for all and sundry to view.

It’s taken a good few hours to even get to this stage, in fact, many hours if we include the laying awake running through ideas and how I can improve the site logo!

Time slipped away as I struggled to relocate my site logo in WordPress, you cannot edit the position in the basic (free) version, but in the end I found a theme that positioned the logo where I wanted it.

Second delay was the Blog Menu link showed Blog-2, I found a setting called a Slug which was set to Blog-2, changed this to Blog, happy days.

So not sure where I’m heading with this Blog / site. I mention in the About section on the site some of the content I will cover on here.

Let’s see where this takes us…

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